The NEW Castle!!!!

Welcome dear friends and readers to the new, improved Night Castle! After an extended hiatus and numerous renovations, I’m glad to finally be back here sharing words with all of you 🙂

First, I suppose we should address the “extended hiatus” part. Well, the short version is, life got in the way, weddings and funerals kind of way ;/

And, I felt it was time to give ye old blog a new makeover, optimize it for mobile and so forth. And so, here it is.

After the new look, one may notice the new menu. We now have short stories and poetry, as well as all your favorite novels 🙂  (They are favorites, right?) Each image has a link to Amazon where you can buy them in either digital or paperback. !

And, there’s a link to a new store on the Web, True Dragon’s Etsy Store! Here you’ll find lots of great fantasy items, jewelry and so forth, as well as new and unique t shirts! Stop by today and see what we’ve got in stock. More items are added all the time!

Speaking of stores, if your in the mood for something more graceful, stop by WhispySnowAngel’s Etsy store for awesome keychains, bracelets, jewelry, bookmarks and much much more!!

Okay, enough commercials, time for the fun stuff, reading!

Yes, I am working on new material, although time is pretty strict on me ATM. Still, it’s a top priority and I can’t wait until you see what I’ve got in store. There’s the next book in the Arcania Rising series, as well as the further adventures of Shyene Lucas! Plus I’ve got a new idea on the way, something great that I know you’ll love.

Now when is all this great stuff coming out? Well, I don’t know. As fast as I can do it right 🙂

Anywho, I’ll keep you posted, and in the meatime please enjoy everything the new blog has to offer!!


J.S. Eaton

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