New Authors United Letter
If you haven’t seen this yet, click that link to check it out. The group is sending a letter to Amazon’s directors now, firing another shot in the circus known here as The Debacle.
I feel for Hachette’s authors. They must be feeling the pinch by now. If not yet, they will soon. Amazon has a huge share of the book-selling market.  I have a bad feeling this is going to drag on until Amazon gets what it wants. They are a huge company already used to working on thin profit margins, so they’ll be able to easily weather whatever hits they take as a result of all the negative publicity. I just don’t want to see authors feeling the heat because these corporations can’t get along

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from Falls a Dark Shadow

Hey all. How about a little something from Falls a Dark Shadow: Arcania Rising? Enjoy, and gave a great weekend.

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Caerish leaned in to Lenar as the group neared the outpost. Tynaul heard the lord whispering to the nervous young man.

“Just keep calm, my friend. Everything will be fine.”

Tynaul could just see the young man’s face turning white as they approached the guards at the entrance to the outpost. Tynaul felt a sharp prick in his back, reminding him that Kint was just a push away from ending his life should he deviate from the plan. Tynaul began to summon the power he’d called upon the night before in his meditation.

The guards viewed the newcomers with a mix of acknowledgment and suspicion. Obviously, they wouldn’t know any of them, but these men were wearing Arcanian uniforms, and in a camp of a thousand men, it was only natural to forget some faces. The guards lowered spears as the group approached.

“Who goes there?”

“Name’s Cavendish, you big ox.” Caerish shouted. “We were out on patrol and caught us a rebel spy. Brought him right back here straight away, we did. Now let us in, we’re tired and we want to get rid of this baggage and put our feet up.”

Suddenly a larger man in a more elaborate set of armor appeared from behind the gate. Tynaul knew Sargeant Graitis on sight, and his entire plan hinged on Graitis recognizing him as well. Tynaul called on his power as Graitis approached the group. Tynaul leaned back and touched the tip of Kint’s sword, quietly uttering the arcane words of a paralyzing spell.

Graitis stood in front of Caerish, a suspicious scowl on his face.

“So where did you capture this fool, anyway? Was he by himself?”

Caerish was about to respond to Graitis in the answers he’d prepared, when the sergeant’s attention was suddenly torn away.  Caerish heard footsteps behind him. A familiar young voice called out in a firm authority, to which Caerish merely closed his eyes in acquiescence.

Poor Lenar was practically shaking in fear.

Tynaul pushed past the startled lord and the terrified young man, rubbing his wrists where the ropes were now falling off his arms. Tynaul stood in front of Graitis just long enough for the sergeant to begin to comprehend just who he was and what was going on.

“Sargeant Graitis, I know you remember me, but let’s just make this official. I am Commander Tynaul Lysis. By His Imperial Majesty’s order I hereby take command of this outpost.” Tynaul took a step forward, looking the tall, brusque sergeant straight in the eye, and saw exactly the moment when Graitis understood the truth. Graitis took a step back, bowed slightly, and then saluted his superior officer in the cross-shoulder Arcanian way.

“These men behind me are the rebel leaders.” Tynaul continued. “Take them into custody immediately. You.” Tynaul pointed to the guard on Graitis’ left side. “Take me to the quartermaster, then to the command tent. Immediately.”

A long, anxious hush fell over the company for a moment as the situation sank in to each and every person present. Suddenly Graitis looked around at his men in frustration.

“Well, don’t just stand there like dung-piles,” he yelled, “get moving!”

More guards appeared from behind the massive sergeant holding chains and manacles. They quickly stripped all three of the stunned men behind Tynaul of their weapons. The scarred one in the back gave them trouble, as he seemed to be refusing to move at all. They had to force his hands behind him at last.

Tynaul turned one last time to look at Caerish and the other two before entering the camp. Kint’s hatred was readily apparent, as was Lenar’s extreme terror. Lord Caerish seemed completely untroubled. His eyes locked onto Tynaul, who was suddenly unable to look back at him. Tynaul turned into the outpost, unable to shake Caerish’s tranquil gaze from his mind.


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Amazon’s Battle With Hachette Book Group Is ‘Terrifying’ For Writers

Well, there is another opinion on what I’m calling The Debacle, this fight between Amazon and Hachette that is STILL dragging on. Ah!
I do worry about the future of writing as a money making career though. If book prices go too far down, one wouldn’t be able to support themselves, much less a family on the earnings. And being a full time author is as tough as any “regular” job, as any author will tell you.
I can imagine the boardrooms at these companies, Amazon and the big publishers. Amazon is telling their executives to hold out and force Hachette to capitulate, because if they do other publishers will follow.
Meanwhile, Hachette and the publishers are looking for some way to go around Amazon’s market dominance to keep books valued at the right place.
What if publishers start offering their books on their own online retail stores?  What would that mean for the indie bookstore that is more essential now than ever? As well as the big chains?
And what does all this mean to authors, old and new?
My biggest fear is that publishers will start taking on fewer and fewer new authors in favor of squeezing more titles out of authors that are already known, beginning a dangerous spiral to a world where there are only few well known authors who make a billion dollars, and a mass of lesser-knowns who can’t make enough off of their craft to survive. When that happens, those authors have less time to work on their craft because they have to resort to other means to make a libing. And then everybody loses.
I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen. I hope it’s being alarmist thinking like that, but the possibility is closer to reality than I’m comfortable with.

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Dangerous Knowledge

Tales of Aeonith

I’m especially proud if this one, just because.

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Writers, Should You Quit Your Day Job?

I had to share this, I just had too. Writing full time is my dream job, I’d do it in a heartbeat if I could afford it. But I have all those things the end of the article mentions, mortgage and whatnot, to deal with. Bah.
I continue to believe that one day, my work will generate enough income that I can fulfill my dream.  Until then guess I’ll have to just keep at it.

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The Bizarre Day Jobs Of 20 Famous Authors

This was too great not too share.  Very interesting indeed. Makes me feel at least a little better about still having a dreary day job.

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An excerpt

Today dear friends and readers, I thought I’d share a little bit of a work in progress. It’s just a little scene from a much larger picture, but it’s nice and vivid. Enjoy!


A jolt of ice shivered down his back. His instincts told him he should go; his curiosity, and his orders, willed him where he was. Lying face down across a flat rock overlooking a green hillside.

His quarry was easy to spot; a figure in black armor moving slowly across an emerald backdrop. The halberd it easily carried in one hand gleamed in the sun.

As he, or she, disappeared around the hill, Edwylde moved carefully off the rock, stalking his prey. Near the top of the hillock, he fell again onto his stomach and crawled up to the crest.

Peering over the hill, flat greenlands spread out before him, turning to yellow in the distance; probably a farmer’s ripe cornfield.

Edwylde held his breath. There was no sign of the figure in dark armor. The stark fields were bare of any movement at all.

Raising his head ever so slightly, the ranger cast his gaze across the landscape. Nothing. There was no sign of the black intruder anywhere.

Suddenly his instincts lit up again, telling him to move sideways. Ed listened this time, saving his life.

The bladed axe of the halberd surely would have cut him in two had he not moved at that exact second. On his feet the next, Edwylde barely had time to draw his sword before another blow came slicing downward.

His opponent moved incredibly fast for someone in such a heavy outfit. The dark figure moved as though he wearing nothing at all.

The black knight’s weapon whistled in the air like nothing Edwylde had ever heard, it almost seemed to hum. His foe’s attacks came fast, almost too fast for Ed to dodge, much less block. For the moment, all he could do was retreat.

At last, his opponent swung wild, too wild, the attack far overreaching and leaving the dark figure vulnerable. Ed swung with all his might at black warrior’s midsection.

He might as well have been hitting a stone wall.

Edwylde’s blade bounced off the dark knight’s armor, leaving not so much as a scratch. The sword flew from his hand from the vibrations, landing too far away for Ed to have any hope of getting it back.

His foe was upon him again, forcing Edwylde to retreat further. With no weapon and no way of getting another, Ed made the only sensible choice. Run. At least he was sure he could outrun a man(or woman) outfitted in solid plate-mail.

Or so he thought.

Edwylde broke out into a solid run. He was fast as the wind in his light green leather, his feet as sure and quick in his tall-boots as any rabbit. After thirty or forty yards, Ed looked back, and ducked just in time to keep his head on his shoulders.

The dark knight was right behind him.

Ed heard the halberd whirl again, slicing the wind where he’d been an instant earlier. The young ranger’s courage began to wane. If he couldn’t outrun this foe…

Then perhaps he could hide. Hope rose again in the young man’s breast. A small copse of trees appeared ahead. If he could make it that far, he might have a chance. Surely this tin can couldn’t climb in that outfit.

Ed never made the mistake of looking back again; he could hear the dark knight’s footsteps right behind him.

The trees came closer. Only twenty more yards.

Ten yards ahead.

Suddenly Ed was running between the trees, looking for the biggest and tallest. He found it soon, breaking suddenly to his right. As if sensing what the young man was going to do, the black knight stayed right behind him, not missing a step.

Edwylde jumped just as the halberd swung again. He’d have screamed had he seen just how close he came to losing his foot. Like a cat, Ed shot up the tree in seconds, at last leaving his opponent behind.

Still, he didn’t look down until he was good thirty or so feet up.

Ed smiled as he saw the black knight pacing beneath him. My turn.

Edwylde’s bow was suddenly in his hand, arrow nocked and ready. The knight stopped, and Ed shot. His eyes had never gone wider.

The arrow merely bounced off the knight’s armor. Impossible. He’d put an arrow through three boards with that bow, and no telling how many suits of armor. Even the best steel-plates hadn’t stood up to his weapon.

Ed fired again, and again. Each arrow hit the mark exactly, and should have stuck inside the black warrior’s head. Instead they simply bounced off, his third arrow actually shattering into a thousand shards of wood. His bravery again began to fade. Options were narrower now.

Suddenly things got worse.

The tree shook mightily, as though a giant had kicked it. Ed looked down to see the dark knight swing his halberd into the trunk, like a black-mailed lumberjack.

The axe-head of the halberd bit hard into the tree. Whomever was in that mail had to be incredibly strong. The dark figure jerked his weapon out, pulled back, and swung again. The tree shook like an earthquake; Ed nearly lost his balance.

The nimble ranger climbed higher as the black knight swung again. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw more black figures approaching from the hills.

Out of time and out of options, Edwylde took a deep breath, said a silent prayer, and jumped.


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